Inspiration: The Eli & Shani Verschleiser Family Foundation (VFF) has grown to enter its fourth generation with dozens of Verschleiser family members giving back to Jewish communities at large.

The Foundation is inspired by Jack & Ida Verschleiser A"H and their charitable efforts that lives on to this very day.


Foundation involvement: The VFF's resources and complexity led its Trustees to reach out to numerous specialists for collaboration and counsel. The Eli Verschleiser Family Foundation has been facilitating family meetings and establishing giving guidelines and grant making procedures to soliciting, reviewing and evaluating funding requests with respect to community needs.


Reflections: "The VFF makes our lives better by encouraging our children and family members to participate in building bridges with Jewish communities worldwide. In addition to assisting communities in times of need and throughout the years," explains Eli Verschleiser. "We couldn't do this work without the involvement of family members, and their day-to-day involvement."